Harnessing the power of entrepreneurship and innovation

Our entrepreneurship experience and success, which is the DNA of our company, was achieved through our ability to anticipate industry trends; identify necessary investments to align our capabilities; and develop the appropriate operating framework to drive successful execution. While change has been referred to as “the only constant” for centuries, technology has exponentially increased its velocity, requiring our customers to adapt faster and more effectively than ever before.

StarPoint Corporation delivers successful, measurable value with a focus on the challenges of today's critical technology and management issues in the areas of:

    1) Mobile Security Solutions and Mobile Applications Development & Testing
    2) SharePoint Development, Deployment, and Governance
    3) Product Support Engineering/Logistics
    4) Management Consulting Services

StarPoint provides innovative, functional expertise that analyzes the various requirements of a program from numerous perspectives, understands the complexity of the challenges and then designs innovative, thorough solutions that fulfill business demands and optimize an integrated technical infrastructure.